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The Remote Crediting Program
From National Grid


Save 5% on your annual Electricity Costs

What are the Requirements to Participate in Remote Crediting?

You must have an annual National Grid Expenditure of $75,000 or more

How it Works:

Solar farms pump clean electricity into the grid. NGRID pays Seaboard for our green solar electricity generation with NGRID Credits that we must pass along to NGRID customers.  We are signing up area Businesses, Towns, School Districts and other qualified NGRID Customers to receive these credits at a discount to the credit's face value.  NGRID customers pay their NGRID bill with full-value credits and then pay us for those credits at a discounted rate.

It is really that simple!

Program Benefits:

  • Keep your electric company

  • 100% of your electricity will be “green”

  • Save 5% on your electric bills for 25 years (full program duration)

  • Available to any NGRID Customer with over $75,000 per year in bills

Why It's Convenient!

  • Simple 5-Page Agreement

  • Green Marketing Opportunity

  • No Equipment on your Property

  • No Responsibilities

  • No Cost & Hassle Free

  • Credits appear monthly on your NGRID bill

Flexibility with No Restrictions:
Always Enjoy Your Discount!

Keep your electricity supplier or change your suppliers anytime—we are not supplying electricity.

Our Agreement is transferable to

  • A New Building Owner

  • A New Account (within NGRID’s Upstate NY Load Zone)

  • A New Location!

  • You can still elect to have solar panels installed onsite -- It has no effect on your Remote Crediting discount!

  • Buy your electricity in bulk and you'll still get the Remote Crediting discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How can I verify that REMOTE CREDITING is a real program??

A – Click on the following National Grid Link:

Q - How do I get started with an application?

A - Email 1 complete monthly National Grid Bill to


Q – I buy electricity under an agreement with a wholesaler.  Can I still use these credits?

A – Yes! You can continue to purchase electricity from anyone.  As long as your Local Electric Distribution Utility Company is NGRID, and as long as your electricity generation bill is also listed on your NGRID bill (which can be arranged by either supplier) then our credits can be used to pay for both bills.


Q - My electric bill and consumption was higher in 2019 than it is now – how does that affect me and the program?

A – Please provide the same monthly bill (all pages) for 2 years and we will calculate the

credits for you going forward and adjust as needed. Either way, the net

effect for you is the same 5% discount on your bill-credits every month/year!


Q - What if my consumption goes up or down over the years?

A - We are in this agreement long term, so we will make annual adjustments. The net effect for you should be the same 5% savings on all credits we assign to you.


Q - How do the credits appear on my National Grid Bill?

A – Under the "Other Charges/Adjustments" section of your NGRID bill, there will be a credit labeled "VDER Value Stack Credit". It will display the dollar amount each month’s credits.


Q - I have several accounts with multiple meters. How do I know if I qualify?

A - Having multiple meters is fine. However, the billing entity name must be the same on each bill. The Team at Seaboard Solar will analyze the electric bills and tell you which accounts qualify.


Q - My electric usage changes from month to month. Does that matter?

A - No. You are getting credits for your bill every month for the term of the agreement.


Q - I have Solar Panels on-site. Can I still participate?

A - Yes!


Q - May I have Solar Panels on-site in the future?

A - Yes!


Q - I get 5% off entire bill?

A – Yes – you receive credits at full value (that you apply against your monthly NGRID Bill) and then we bill you for those credits at a 5% discount to their full value.


Q - So if my monthly bill was $10,000 all in, it would now be $9,500?

A - Yes! You will be pay Seaboard Solar at the discounted rate of $9,500 for the $10,000 in full-value credits that you use to pay your National Grid Bill.


Q - I have a National Grid bill and that includes another supplier for electricity – do I qualify?

A - Yes, if you are an NGRID customer it doesn't matter to your generation supply company that you are getting these credits.  Our subscribers are merely getting credits from us at a discount...not electricity, so we are not a competitor.


Q - When can I expect to see the credits reflected on my National Grid bill?

A - We need all $8M credits to be subscribed and then we can start construction. Based on our experience and our development timeline, you should start to see credits appearing on your bill in late 2022. We will keep you informed with updates along the way.


Q - What is the risk for Seaboard Solar?

A - The business owners won't be able to pay their bills.


Q - I buy electricity in bulk – can I participate in the program?

A - Yes, we are not supplying electricity – just supplying National Grid Credits.


Q - Does participating in this program affect any pricing we would have with a supplier?

A - No, you can use any supplier and make changes anytime you like!


Q - Somewhere down the road, if we go with a third-party supplier, will they have a problem with an agreement like this?

A. - No.


Q - Will this program change our usage requirements?

A - No.


Q - What if I audit my utility bill and find that I am overcharged – does this effect the agreement

A - No.


Q - Does Seaboard Solar provide auditing services?

A - No – but we can recommend companies if you make the request via email.


Q - I get a bill from National Grid and another bill from my supplier – do I qualify?

A - You must have your "supply" bill consolidated onto your NGRID bill for the credits to work for both. This is a simple administrative change that costs nothing. Just contact your third- party supplier and ask that they consolidate their bill with NGRID so that you only receive a bill from NGRID.


Q - What is my risk?

A - There is no risk to you as the business owner – you are receiving National Grid Credits and an effective 5% discount for the full-value the credits that you will receive on your monthly electric bill.


Q – How does this increase the value of my property? (for private businesses)

A - It will reduce your electricity bill, reduce your operating expenses increase your NOI (net-operating income).


Q- I do not own the property I lease it? Can I still participate?

A – Yes, assuming you are paying NGRID for your electricity service and qualify in all other aspects for the Program. Ask A Question – email me.


Q - What is the status of the 11 Upstate New York Solar Projects?

A - Check out the chart below for details:

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